Why I needed a personal trainer

I started training Kirsty in February this year and as she is doing so well I asked if she would explain why she wanted a personal trainer and how she has found it so far. Here is her story.

The main reason I started working with Aimee on my fitness is because for too long I have been sat behind a computer, on a bus, then on a sofa.

On the first session I was really nervous, because the last time I had run was probably at school 10 years ago. But I found Aimee really helpful and we took it at my own pace – it wasn’t scary at all.

I started to feel the benefits of exercising straight away. The first time you do it you get such a great buzz because you have taken the first step to becoming healthier and you instantly feel more alive.

Aimee set me a series of goals – one of them was to take part in the 5k race for life this summer. I think having something to work towards really helped, even if it’s something small like fitting in to a dress. I have found to all my clothes fit a lot better now and after 2 months I have lost over stone! I have to check my scales in case they are lying to me – it is such a great achievement.

The toughest thing I have found is the change of lifestyle. I now eat better and try to exercise three times a week. I walk or ride my bike to work and try to take the stairs instead of the lift. But it is doable and it took a couple of days of sulking from me to get in to the swing of things. However, I really do feel better and having Aimee to support me through it has been invaluable. If I was to exercise on my own I wouldn’t push myself, I would probably walk down my hill and then give up.

It’s not as bad as it sounds this exercising thing – it is actually good fun! Now I need to keep going and not eat too many more cakes.

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