Fiona’s journey from couch to 5k – Part 3

Went for my third run last night. We’d been out for the day on a canal boat eating bacon butties and chips so in hind sight I should’ve realised this was bad idea. We only got home at half seven so I went straight out forgetting that for me who goes to sleep at eight thirty it was late to be running. It was cold out so decided on a quick pace for my warm up warm – instant mistake.

I set off on my first run going far too quickly and felt shocking instantly. My brain was now switching between giving up and not wanting to be a failure. So I kept on going. It was the second to last run before I got into my rhythm but by my cool down walk I was still feeling rough.

On the positive note I’d bought a dog jogging lead for Charlie and was really pleased with it. It’s a spiralled bungy cord that goes round your wrist. It cost me ten pounds which at the time I thought was a bit pricey but after trying it out was worth every penny.

There’s now talk of doing Sheffield half marathon next year so I’m determined not to give up.

Fi xx

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