Top Tips for Exercising in the Rain

I train all my clients outside so it is invariable that at some point we are going to get wet! These are my top tips for exercising outdoors in the rain!!




  • Remember to keep drinking plenty of water – Some people have a tendency to drink less when exercising outdoors in the rain
  • Wear two pairs of socks (or double layered socks) to prevent blisters from wet feet
  • Try to avoid wearing cotton as it will just absorb the rain, there are lots of synthetic tops that don’t hold the water
  • Be careful of wet grass that can be slippy after rain
  • Leave a dry towel and change of clothes in the car (if you are travelling to a park to exercise)
  • Long sleeved jackets can be tied around your waist if the rain clears and you get too hot
  • Choose brightly coloured items or clothes with reflective strips so you can still be seen
  • If it is cold dress and rainy, dress in layers to ensure the closest to your body stays dry
  • Once at home put newspaper in your trainers to help dry them out and retain their shape

Once you are wet you cant get much wetter so just keep going and enjoy the smug feeling of knowing you have been brave enough to battle against the elements!!!!

Published by Aimee Pearce

I help busy women to enjoy fitness so they feel stronger, physically & mentally. Qualified personal trainer.

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