Lovely Valentines Workout!

Grab your partner this Valentine’s Day and get sweaty together with this lovely workout!

Lunge (step forward with one leg and lower the back knee towards the floor)
Overhead Squat (raise your hands overhead while you squat down, use weights for more advanced)
V Sit-up (lay on your back raise legs & arms to touch above belly button. Use opposite arm & leg for easier)
Elevated Hip Press (Lying on your back with knees bent & feet flat on floor, push hips up towards the ceiling)

Perform 14 reps of each exercise (get it?!) and make sure you perform the lunges on both sides. This routine will challenge the quads, glutes and hamstring and your abs as well.

Happy Valentines Day!


Published by Aimee Pearce

I help busy women to enjoy fitness so they feel stronger, physically & mentally. Qualified personal trainer.

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