On the first day of Christmas Fitness…

On the first day of Christmas Fitness, Aimee gave to me…..a minute of proper burpees!

Burpees are a whole body exercise that strengthens your upper body, core and increases the power of your lower body. It will also get your heart pumping and you will feel great after, promise!

  • Start by standing with your feet shoulder width apart and then squat down reaching your hands towards the floor
  • Drop onto your hands and kick both feet backwards and together into a push up position
  • Pause in the plank position and reverse the action and jump your feet forward in between your hands
  • Push yourself off of the floor into a jump
  • Bend your knees slightly when landing

Count how many you do during the 1 minute and post a comment below letting me know your score.

Aimee xx

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2 thoughts on “On the first day of Christmas Fitness…

  1. Hi Aimee,

    I did 12 or 13! I couldn’t remember on 7/8 so I just kept doing them til the time ended….omg by the tenth I was out of puff, but I’ve just done the exercises from Tuesday beforehand, so not too surprised really.

    Btw, my daughters birthday chocolate was yummy!

    See you Tuesday.

    Debbie x

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