My Year In Fitness – Day 232 #MYIF2014

Recently I have been trying to spend more time “unplugged”. At first I found it difficult, I love my gadgets and I did feel a bit lost. However I have stuck with it and I am feeling the benefits of being offline, even for just for a short time each day.

My latest step in the process was to delete the Facebook app from my phone (im not brave enough to delete my account yet!). I am definitely more productive and have a lot more head space to think about real things and ideas as opposed to being concerned with things in cyber world.

Today I have spent the afternoon in the garden with my two kids, my phone stayed inside! I felt more present and able to get involved without being pulled away by the numerous distractions our phones can provide. 

All that said I am still lusting after this Samsung Galaxy S5, its got a heart rate monitor built in so surely I can justify it for work purposes when training clients? I’ll leave the Facebook app uninstalled!

Published by Aimee Pearce

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