Why you should trust me with your fitness!

This is a question that I very rarely get asked, but one I wish people would ask me more!

What enables you, Aimee Rogers of Revitalize Fitness, to get me fit?

Now I’m not usually one to brag (but I’m going to now!) however I was looking through my certificates and I thought why am I hiding this away?! No one knows about any of this and I have spent thousands of pounds on my fitness qualifications and career so here I am shouting it from the rooftops and telling you all about it!!

Below are my fitness qualifications.

2003-2006 Sheffield Hallam University
Bsc (hons) Sport and Exercise Science Degree. My dissertation looked at the effectiveness of pedometers in increasing physical activity in a work place setting

July 2015: Ante and Postnatal Exercise, Level 3, Fitness Industry Education

May 2007: Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Instructor, British Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation (Currently up to date on re-validation)

Mar 2007: Exercise and Mental Health, YMCAfit

Jan 2007: Exercise to Music, Level 2, Central YMCA  

Sept 2006: Circuit Training, Level 2, Central YMCA 

Aug 2006: Exercise Referral for Clients with Specific Controlled Conditions, Level 3, Central YMCA 

Apr 2006: Health Walk Leaders Award, Walking the Way to Health and British Heart Foundation

Feb 2006: Nutrition and Weight Management, Level 3, Central YMCA

Feb 2006: Advanced Fitness Instructor, Level 3, Central YMCA   

Oct 2005: Fitness Instructor, Level 2, Central YMCA

Please note, this list does not include the countless hours spent informally learning through researching, mentoring, shadowing, volunteering, planning, discussing, lecturing, reading, teaching and attending workshops and webinars. The list above is also missing the numerous courses that I have taken to support and develop my fitness career, namely my NVQ level 4 in management and my Babywearing Peer Support Training.

While gaining these qualifications I have been employed in a health and fitness role of some kind. Gaining experience, gaining knowledge, gaining skills and confidence.

Revitalize Fitness was born in 2010, but prior to that, I have always worked in fitness and physical activity. I have worked as a gym instructor helping people to overcome sticking points in their training or needing to lose weight before their doctor can refer them for IVF treatment. I have delivered circuit training classes to men and women all recovering from cardiac conditions and subsequent operations. I managed a team of exercise referral instructors who, via exercise and physical activity, improved the health of Sheffield residents with medical conditions. I have worked with people wanting to improve, get stronger and be fitter.

Fitness is my career, its what I do and what I’ve always done. I bloody love helping people to become more active and seeing them enjoying the benefits of exercise.

So I hope that answers the question posed in the title of this blog post! If not please get in touch and ask me any other questions. I am always happy to chat!


On a very serious note, start asking your fitness instructor about their qualifications or experience. All instructors leading an exercise session should be able (and proud, they’ve worked hard for it, let them show off!!!) to provide you with formal certificates and be appropriately insured. If someone cannot provide evidence of fitness qualifications or insurance I would strongly advise that you look for an alternative session.

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