How to get started with Kettlebell Training Workouts

Kettlebells are one of the greatest tools to improve your strength and fitness in my opinion. Adding a couple of Kettlebells into your home fitness equipment list adds a whole new dimension to your strength training and range of functional exercise options. The other benefit is they are relatively cheap to buy and take upContinue reading “How to get started with Kettlebell Training Workouts”

person in yellow and black backpack walking on green grass field under cloudy blue sky during daytime

Walks in Sheffield – Broomhead Reservoir

This is one of my Explore Sheffield walks, part of a challenge I have set myself to explore 100 green spaces in Sheffield. Aiming to highlight the wonderful places Sheffield has to get fit for free.


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Hi, I’m Aimee. I set up my business in 2010 but first qualified in fitness in 2005.

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