My Year In Fitness – Day 228 #MYIF2014

I am laid in bed watching a film after a hot bath. My idea of Heaven.

I have done no exercise today and I’m not guilty or afraid to admit that. At the beginning of this year when I first started this challenge I was determined to build regular physical activity into my life. I had been pregnant twice in 25 months so regular exercise was a distant memory.

I exercise to feel good, be healthy and get strong. And I love the endorphins!! I don’t beat myself up if I don’t manage a session, I just try again the next day.

Focus not on a diet with an end date or the latest workout plan that has had millions of pounds or dollars ploughed into marketing it, but on a healthy lifestyle full of movement, good proper food and plenty of rest.


My Year In Fitness – Day 225 #MYIF2014

Epic gym fail today. I attempted 5km on the treadmill in my lunch hour. First I caught the emergency stop strap so stopped the treadmill (and stats) at 1km but I had clocked the time so I thought I would just carry on an tag it on to my 4km time. Then the treadmill crashed so I called it a day after 15 minutes. Not sure how far I went but I will try again at the weekend on a run outside. I find it much easier to run outside and will hopefully get a better time than I would have done on the treadmill.

I also did a few weights to make up for my tragic run fail!

Tomorrow is a new day!