Find Your Missing Mojo Programme

  • Are you a busy woman who has no time for exercise? 
  • Do you want to work out without feeling guilty?
  • Are you fed up of feeling rubbish?

Find Your Missing Mojo programme is a six-week online lifestyle course that is designed to make you a more confident exerciser and enjoy working out at home.

I will be teaching the course LIVE in 2021, with recordings of all the sessions available for you to catch up with in your own time.

Over the six weeks, I will give you the confidence to step outside your comfort zone and start to enjoy exercising at home without feeling guilty.

Phase One

We will work on some gentle exercise routines to start to build up your fitness levels. You will work at your own pace and ability. It doesn’t matter what your current fitness levels or ability is. I will also introduce some basic tools to support your mental health that will continue throughout the programme. 

Phase Two

We will start building on those fitness levels by making the routines slightly harder. I will show you the correct technique for exercises as well as how to make them harder or easier.

Phase Three

We will step up the exercise routines again in this final stage but all within your own level. We will work on setting some goals to ensure you stay focused and motivated after the programme.

If this sounds overwhelming – don’t worry. There’ll be cheat sheets, checklists, video lessons and downloads for you to follow. Plus you will have direct access to me for support. 

How it works

  • Personalised exercise plan (delivered via an app)
  • Regular email support
  • 2 x small group coaching sessions
  • Direct access to me

You’ll learn how to

  • Set realistic goals that keep you motivated
  • Find time for yourself and exercise without guilt
  • Stay motivated to exercise long term (meaning you start to see results from your training)

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