How to get started with Kettlebell Training Workouts

Kettlebells are one of the greatest tools to improve your strength and fitness in my opinion. Adding a couple of Kettlebells into your home fitness equipment list adds a whole new dimension to your strength training and range of functional exercise options. The other benefit is they are relatively cheap to buy and take up much less space than a treadmill or rowing machine.

Kettlebells build full body strength and will improve motor skills for many daily activities and sports. Using Kettlebells can incorporate the three planes of movement and strengthens groups of muscles at a time rather than one, basically, they are a really useful tool for building up functional fitness levels.

Kettlebells can be used to develop and improve:
• strength and power
• hypertrophy
• muscle endurance
• functional abilities
• core strength
• sports performance
• active flexibility
• body composition
• cardiovascular fitness

A common question that I get asked is what weight should I get to start with? I would say that a good starting weight would be 6kg or 8kg. I personally prefer the cast iron ones like this over the plastic ones as they can be a bit bulkier and harder to handle. 

If you already have kettlebells at home and want to build up your confidence using them, then I have a Get Started with Kettlebells Programme that you can access here.

If you have any questions about kettlebells or how to use them please leave me a comment.

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