How to Stay Motivated to Workout Regularly

Something I hear a lot is just how much people struggle with motivation, how to stay motivated when you’re on the right track, and how to re-motivate yourself when you have fallen off that wagon.

It is impossible to be motivated all of the time!!

The most important thing that I want you to remember is not to beat yourself up if you do not feel motivated to exercise. You cannot let one bad day, or one bad week, turn into one bad year that means you stop completely because you’ve missed a few sessions. It’s really important to make a plan and work out how you are going to get back on track. Being harsh to yourself is not going to help.

A good way to help with motivation levels is to make yourself accountable. That’s why Personal Training works so well. I am there to keep you accountable, to coach you and design the sessions for you. You have to explain to me as to why you are not going to attend a session that you have booked with me. At another level this accountability can be easily achieved by arranging to meet up with a friend to workout or go for a walk or bike ride together.

Another way to help keep yourself accountable, is to post in my Facebook group to say what your intentions are for the next few weeks, that can really help to keep you motivated and keep you on the right path.

A really important key to staying motivated is to schedule time in your diary to workout, ideally at the same time each week. Take some time to look closely at your routine and at your lifestyle for the next few weeks and actually book in a slot for yourself. Make that commitment to yourself by making an appointment in your diary, it will be less likely to get overlooked if you have it scheduled in.

If you do need to cancel that session for whatever reason, don’t beat yourself up about it, life is busy and things do have to get moved around and cancelled. Just look again to your diary and book that next session in.

Its really important to make your workouts fun and enjoyable. You are much more likely to stick to a regular workout pattern if you are enjoying the sessions that you have booked in with yourself.

If you are struggling to stay motivated because you just don’t know where to start and what exercises to do PLEASE DON’T STRUGGLE! I’ve got lots of routines that you can do on my YouTube channel. I also go live every month in my Facebook group to deliver a 30 minutes body weight exercise routine.

If you’re part of my membership group, there’s loads of real time routines that you can do at a time that suits you. I also have a four week programme for you to follow with ten routines to work through. This will help to keep you focused when you do come to exercise.

I hope these tips do help you, if you still feel that you are struggling please download my Find The Time Ebook for more tips.

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