How to Stay Motivated to Workout Regularly

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How to Stay Motivated to Workout Regularly

As a personal trainer, I know how much people struggle to stay motivated to workout regularly. This blog post will help you to re-frame and harness the power of doing what you can, when you can!

You Will Never Get Strong

The Fitness Industry certainly convinces people that they are the best option to achieve the end goal of “being fit”. In actual fact there is no such thing! There will always be the opportunity for you to be stronger and fitter.

If Fit was an achievable destination then Olympic athletes for instance, literally those at the peak of human physicality would stop training and this is specifically not the case!

How to Stay Motivated to Workout Regularly

You Can Start Today

There is no time like the present right, so it is important to realise that there is no perfect conditions for exercise. You don’t need to wait until a Monday, a New Year nor a new month to start moving your body. The same goes for having the right clothing or equipment. Wear what you feel comfortable. If you are ready to starting being more active start with a gentle stretch whenever you find ten minutes.

Make Yourself A Priority

Schedule time in your diary to exercise, specifically look at your routine for the next few weeks and book in a slot for yourself. If you have a shared online calendar at work, block out time in your day to walk or workout. Make it clear that time is for you because if you don’t prioritise yourself, no one else will.

Start With Five Minute Workouts

I am not sure what comes first, action or motivation. However if you start small and build on that your motivations levels will grow. A workout doesn’t need to be an hour long session. Changing your mindset around exercise and what it “should” look like can help you to stay motivated.

You can find some free workouts under 30 minutes on my YouTube channel.

Home Workouts

Exercising at home means less travel time and motivation. You can move your body in your PJ’s in front of your favourite TV programme with the kids around. The washing up and the laundry will get done afterwards!

More Support

Aimee’s Academy is the cheapest way to work with me. Over 100 workouts that are all under 30 minutes so you can have an effective workout at home .

No trying to figure out what exercises to do and if you are doing them right. I’ll show you how in your own space and at a time that suits you.

£12 a month on a rolling monthly subscription after a seven day free trial.

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