Is a Stand Up Paddleboard Really Worth The Money?

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Stand Up Paddleboard

Is a Stand Up Paddleboard Really Worth The Money? In my opinion – absolutely!

My stand up paddleboard is without doubt my favourite bit of adventure kit. There is no better balance for me between the physicality of paddleboarding and mindfulness of being outside in nature.

For those that are not sure what a stand up paddleboard (often called SUPs) it’s basically where the rider stands on a large board (can be inflatable or hard) and propels themselves through the water using a paddle.

We bought an inflatable paddleboard in 2020 from BlueFin Sups and it has easily paid for itself in terms of days out and usage on holidays (if you think about us paying to hire them instead). Our board also comes with a kayak seat attachment so it can be used as a paddleboard or seated as a kayak. So is a Stand Up Paddleboard Really Worth The Money? Yes but you need to do your research first.

Mindful Movement on the Stand-Up Paddleboard

Once I get on the water everything in my mind is left on the land. The rhythmical movements of paddling as well as being totally surrounded by nature are just blissful. Stand Up Paddleboarding can be really relaxing or as physical as you want it to be. I have raced my kids on the boards (and felt it days after) and equally, I have lazed around lying on my board for most of the afternoon too (I have a SUP anchor!!)

Family Fun

Paddleboarding is one of the activities that we can do as a (blended) family of six where we all enjoy it and have a great time! It also is something that I can do on my own, with my husband or with friends. I take the kids out on my own on the paddleboard and they love having a lift around the lake and then jumping in while I do all the leg work!

How to get started with Stand Up Paddleboards

I highly recommend hiring a board and getting some lessons from a qualified instructor first. It can be an expensive mistake if you buy a board and decide you don’t like it after one trip. Having lessons will give you the knowledge and confidence to paddleboard safely and efficiently. It might look like you just get on and go but there is a certain level of skill involved.

So is a Stand Up Paddleboard Really Worth The Money? Yes but you need to do your research first to make sure you get it right.

SUP Safety

Please do your own research about how to stay safe on the water. As a bare minimum I always wear the safety leash and a personal flotation device and take my phone with me in a waterproof pouch in case I get into difficulty.

The RNLI have more information on their website but I would always recommend a lesson with a qualified instructor if you are new to the sport.

SUP Top Tips

Get a board that works for you based on your height and weight, it might be cheaper to get a smaller board but you will end up spending more time falling in the water than on the board.

It can be hard work pumping up the board but make sure you inflate it to the recommended psi. If the board is underinflated it will be less efficient and make more work for you when paddling.

Make sure you look after your board, clean the board, paddles and life vest in between trips out to stop the spead.

Stay hydrated, wear your SPF, have fun!!

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