Movement Consultations

As a Corrective Exercise Specialist, I will assess and optimise your movement quality. The online consultations are a shame-free space to get strong and feel better.

You will be supported to create better movement patterns to help your spine, joints and muscles handle daily life.

Movement Consultations

Moving more efficiently enhances performance, results, injury resistance, and recovery.

The corrective exercise process is as follows:
Identify the problem
Solve the problem
Implement the solution

Our bodies follow the path of least resistance and that can create less than ideal movement patterns that aren’t serving us and eventually lead to pain and injury.

The consultation will consist of a number of assessments that will show us how your body prefers to move. Following the consultation, I will create targeted flexibility and strengthening strategies to optimise your movement. You will receive this in PDF format.

Your corrective exercise plan will address any movement compensations, which helps you target the right muscles at the right time. You also won’t be ‘wasting energy’ because of inefficient movement.

Assessment and personalised fitness programme via PDF – £75.