My top motivation tips

These are my top tips for sticking to the program and ensuring you stay on the right track to a healthier lifestyle.

Stay positive
When your brain tells you not to exercise for whatever reason, force a more rational, positive thought into your head. For every negative thought you have I bet you can generate three positive ones! Imagine your self exercising and think about how good you will feel after you have exercised. When you do get that rush of endorphins (or happy hormones!) after exercising, write down how you are feeling. Look at this note when you are feeling negative to remind you of this happy, energised, positive feeling.

Mark off the days
Every time you exercise write it in your calender or diary. This written proof will help you to stay motivated and will reinforce your achievements.

Reward yourself
After all the hard work and effort of a good work out you need to treat yourself! A good old pampering session after a workout will give you something to look forward too. Why not look back at the goals you set yourself at the beginning of the challenge and plan how you are going to reward yourself when you achieve each one.

Work out with friends
Kill two birds and try being more social with your exercise. There have been a lot of studies published that have shown that people who exercise with friends are more likely to stick at it. Next time you r best friend asks you down the pub why not ask if they fancy going for a swim or a walk instead? You will soon be ticking of those goals!!!

Don’t beat yourself up
If you do miss a session or something comes up that knocks you of course slightly, don’t let it put you off. Just take some time out to think about why the set back happened and how you can avoid it happening in the future. Remember Stay Positive!

Remind yourself how well you are doing each day. It does take a lot of hard work and effort and that’s why its easier not to do it!! You can do this!!!!

Published by Aimee Pearce

Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist in Functional Fitness

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