Solo Camping as a Woman

This week I went on my first solo camping trip. In preparation I read a few blog posts, one of which advised that I take pepper spray and a gun with me! While I agree with the need to be cautious, these are my top tips for going solo camping without needing to buy a firearm.

If you have never camped before I wouldn’t recommend camping in a tent solo straight off. If it is your first time camping or camping solo and you feel a bit nervous I would recommend going into a log cabin or a bell tent. Choosing a glamping option is also a good idea if you want to try camping without forking out on all the gear. In some places, the cabins have beds already in and you just need to take your sleeping bag. Bell tents can also be a good option as they will be already pitched ready for when you arrive. 

I would say that you need at least two nights away on your own to fully reap the benefits and start to switch off completely. 

Have a rough itinerary in mind. For me going camping on my own allowed me to go on some bigger adventures that I just couldn’t do with a dog and a herd of kids in tow. I use the Kamoot App to plan some rides and walks in the local area I will be staying. However, it was also good to have some time just to sit and read a book or sit and people watch. Don’t force yourself to relax but aim to do as many things that bring you joy but you struggle to fit in in everyday life. 

One of the bonus’ of solo camping is that everything is on your own terms and pace. When, where and what you eat. All time restrictions can go out of the window so go at your own pace and don’t feel guilty for having that nana nap in the afternoon.

Research your location. I use Cool Camping to find my campsites. You can search by location as well as by what facilities the sites have. There are also lots of reviews to help you see what other visitors have to say about the facilities. The first time you go away solo, pick somewhere fairly close to home. Always let someone know what campsite you will be staying at and what time you are expected to be back home. 

Check your kit. Before you go make sure you know how to put your tent up and check that everything you need is in the bag. If you haven’t been camping for a while it is a good idea to check the tent isn’t covered in mould or needs any repairs before your trip. Most campsites do sell basic camping kit like pegs etc but it’s one less thing that you need to worry about. If you have a new tent or it’s going to be the first time putting it up on your own, then have a practice run before you go. 

Take a tripod. You can get cheap tripods for your mobile phone as well as a Bluetooth clicker so you can take some great selfies to document your solo trip. 

Take a real book. Kindles and other electronic devices are great but this is a good time to go off grid with a real-life physical book that won’t run out of battery! I would also highly recommend taking a journal with you. There will be a lot of time for you to sit with your thoughts and feel empowered and confident. Make a note of them in your journal so you can remind yourself of these moments when you get back home and back to “normal”.

Plan for the worst. What are you most nervous or worried about when you think about going away on your own? What can you do to minimise that fear? What can you put in place to ensure that if this fear does happen, you have the tools or mindset ready to face and overcome it?

If you don’t have the luxury of getting some time away on your own why not take the kids along with you, my blog post on this might be useful.

I really hope that you give solo camping a try. If you do please tag me in your pictures using @aimeepearcept or share them with me in my free Ladies Only Lifestyle Support Group.

Happy Adventuring! x

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