What Is Your Biggest Fitness Challenge?

So last week in my wonderful Facebook group I asked my ladies a question. What is your biggest fitness struggle at the moment? And the biggest response was the option, the motivation to keep going. Which got me thinking. Why do we feel the need to brand ourselves An Exerciser? If you are genuinely struggling withContinue reading “What Is Your Biggest Fitness Challenge?”

Running To Work

I am a runner. I am also a mother. Therefore I can’t just casually announce that I am off for a leisurely trot around the park whenever the urge strikes. My exercise time is scheduled, bartered, planned and precious! This post is to get you thinking about whether you could fit active travel into yourContinue reading “Running To Work”

Winter Fitness Training Tips

Winter Fitness Training Tips Dark evenings, gusty gales and freezing temperatures are hardly alluring conditions for continuing your outdoor training sessions or active commutes this winter. However with a few additions to your kit, and maybe a shift in your mind set, you can still enjoy exercising outdoors. Of course there is a simple solutionContinue reading “Winter Fitness Training Tips”

Get fit. Get outside.

The gorgeous bout of summer weather the UK has enjoyed over the last few weeks means that, if you’re anything like me, you haven’t exactly felt enthusiastic about wasting precious hours of sunlight and pleasant temperatures in a stuffy, air-conditioned gym. Don’t get me wrong, I love the gym – I dream of a worldContinue reading “Get fit. Get outside.”

Minimalist Running

The wonderful Julia Buckley has agreed to provide some guest posts for you all to learn more about minimalist running and Vibram. For more info on Julia please check out her website here – http://www.juliabuckley.co.uk/ I’ve done my first minimalist run!  The first Vibram FiveFingers clinic was at the Run and Become shop in Victoria lastContinue reading “Minimalist Running”

Fiona’s journey from couch to 5k – Part 3

Went for my third run last night. We’d been out for the day on a canal boat eating bacon butties and chips so in hind sight I should’ve realised this was bad idea. We only got home at half seven so I went straight out forgetting that for me who goes to sleep at eightContinue reading “Fiona’s journey from couch to 5k – Part 3”

Fiona’s journey from couch to 5k – Part 2

I noticed that app had other options too couch to 5k distance based, bridge to 10k, ease into 10k and 5k improver (intervals) interesting that there’s still other options once you’ve hit 5k. My speed is already marginally up 26 seconds a kilometre quicker not much I know but at least it’s in the rightContinue reading “Fiona’s journey from couch to 5k – Part 2”