The Basics Of Fitness – Not A Quick Fix

The Basics Of Fitness - Not A Quick Fix

The Basics Of Fitness

For me the basics of fitness is lifting weights and getting strong. I’ve been lifting free weights since I was 16, I did A level PE and it was part of the course so it wasn’t a big deal. Plus it was a natural progression for a kid like me who had always been sporty.

I loved it!

Every week we spent a double lesson at a local hotel gym (Tall Trees Hotel for those who know!) 

It was amazing. Me and my classmates would all train and motivate each other and we worked out how the machines worked by trial and error in a judgement free environment. We basically learned the basics of fitness by doing it and seeing how it felt

My love of strength training

This is where my love of strength training started. I have such amazing memories of that time in the gym and feeling so strong and powerful. I am forever grateful to my PE teachers (and my parents) who supported and nurtured my love of all things fitness during those formative years of my life!  

Me and my male classmates in those sessions were all equals. I wasn’t worried about becoming “bulky” or that I was doing something that was just for men. I lifted weights and it made me feel good, so I did it more!

Now baring in mind this was the early 2000’s so social media wasn’t a thing yet and I was surround by strong female influences. Being told that I couldn’t do something because I was “just a girl” wasn’t part of my world, which I understand is a massive privilege in itself and a good starting point for my journey. 

That was over 20 years ago. 

The Most Interesting Part

But the most interesting thing  

I’m still doing the same exercises today and even programming these same exercises for my clients.






There are no quick fixes. I don’t give my clients any secret magical exercises! The basics work. 

Learn the basics of fitness, do them well and keep repeating them! 

If you want my support learning the basics of fitness then have a look at my Get Started programme.

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