Top Tips for a Shame Free Ultimate Summer Fitness

Top Tips for Summer Fitness

Top Tips for Summer Fitness

Summer is here!! These are my Top Tips for a shame free summer of fitness which will let you enjoy your summer and feel good about your body.

You can start working on your fitness today

If you feel ready to start moving more then you can start today. You don’t have to wait for any specific time or condition. I have a range of online fitness programmes you can do wherever you are this summer.

You already have a summer beach body

Put on a bikini, get your SPF out, get in the water and take all the pictures. You do not need to be a certain size or shape to enjoy the warmer weather this year. Our bodies are all different and that is what makes us amazing.

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in this summer

Your body is not for anyone’s viewing pleasure. There is a lot of posts on social media telling you to “Wear The shorts”. I also know that shorts aren’t always the most comfortable option for everyone. So wear what you feel comfortable in and feel good in. 

You are allowed to rest

Routines change in the summer. That’s ok. Enjoy it without shame or guilt.

I hope you are having fun wherever you are right now! 

Holiday Fit Club

If you have found my Top Tips for Summer Fitness useful but you want more support to get more active this summer, join my Holiday Fit Club for a summer of movement and motivation.

Get access to over fifty, real-time workouts, all under 30 minutes that you can do wherever you are this summer for a one-off payment. All of the workouts are recorded so you log in and work out with me at a time and location that suits.

Holiday Fit Club is suitable for all fitness levels and no special exercise equipment is needed.

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Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist in Functional Fitness

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