Why is fitness so confusing?

There are mixed messages regarding health and fitness everywhere we look.

Orange juice that is part of your five a day but shouldn’t be drank because its too high in sugar.

Do 1000 squats each day but only in a morning.

Eat a banana before each workout unless you have a protein shake after.

So who do you believe? What do you do? I think a good rule of thumb is to trust your instinct. If you have to ask yourself if you should be eating something then you probably shouldn’t! Same with exercise. If you feel guilty for constantly making excuses for your inactivity then stop and start with some small steps to get you back into regular exercise.


Have you ever heard the term KISS – keep it simple stupid? Well apply that to your health, fitness and nutrition.

In terms of food…

Stear clear of any foods that are advertised (apart from where the food type is promoted such as British Lamb)
Trust your instinct. If you find yourself asking “should I be eating this?” Don’t!
Eat less food that has been processed and more food that has either grown or once lived.

In terms of exercise…

Don’t over complicate things, just move more!
Workouts don’t need to take an eternity, decrease time but increase intensity (this must be done safely. Always speak to a fitness professional if you are unsure)
Build fitness into your lifestyle by embracing active travel, walking, biking, jogging to and from destinations.

I’ve created a new Facebook group where you can get support, advice and motivation in your fitness journey. Come and join in and feel free to share what you feel confused about in fitness.

Click the link below to join. And sorry guys its ladies only!


Published by Aimee Pearce

Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist in Functional Fitness

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