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I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Since joining Aimee’s Academy I now don’t feel guilty for taking time out from exercise when I’m ill or just need to rest. I can simply accept that ‘It is what it is’. Dropping the guilt has meant that I can just pick up where I left off without losing motivation or thinking ‘there’s no point’.

I’ve never worked as hard as I do during the half hour Aimee’s Academy sessions!!! And I’m feeling the benefits – I’ve no idea whether I look different but who cares?! You’ve empowered me to think about getting strong and focus on how exercise makes me feel!

PS. I never thought I’d be into weights but I LOVE your kettlebell sessions!


— Sarah T

Aimee is absolutely amazing. To be honest that’s all I really need to say!

I love my sessions so much – they’re tailored to what I need and Aimee adjusts things as we go if needed.

It also feels like a therapy session as Aimee is such a good listener too.

Sometimes I feel like it wasn’t so hard but the next two days are evidence that wasn’t the case.

Other times, I tell Aimee that childbirth was easier and count down the seconds on that rep but it’s genuinely a highlight of my week and at the end of every session I feel brilliant and glad that I did it.

— Leanne S